Monday, 26 November 2012

Loving quilting!

The quilting lessons (& homework!) are becoming the highlight of my weeks. I remember thinking years ago that to cut up fabric just to stitch it together again seemed rather a waste of time and effort, but have to confess it’s lots of fun!

Our first item was a pincushion, but the instructor gave us wrong measurements for some pieces so that gave me a good excuse to make a second (smaller) one. Then I decided they could be changed into Christmas decorations really easily so made up several of these – and learnt about changing the way they triangles are stitched together to make different patterns. 

Then it was a hand pieced pot holder. I made mine in a very traditional pattern, but have since made a modern version – for use as a class sample in a display!

Next was a needlebook using machine applique – great to be learning how to use my machine better too!

This week we finished our cushions, and I’m pleased with how mine has turned out. I had bought the fabric thinking about the colours I might use for a new duvet cover, so it’s good to see them working well together.

I have also just finished stitching my Nativity sampler, so this week’s target is to complete it as a bellpull.

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